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A self-service platform to democratize & govern data

Upskill everyone to go beyond spreadsheets

  • Reduce the time to generate reports & increase visibility over your business

  • Build robust data processes that give you confidence

  • Upskill your employees without the need to hire expensive technical talent

while keeping your data assets in order

  • Discover relevant data assets from a central portal

  • Tag approved data assets to foster trust and avoid confusion

  • Develop a shared understanding through collaboration & comments

There is a better way to democratize data

Build using open source

The most advanced data solutions developed by companies like Netflix are open-source. But they require a significant investment to become enterprise-ready & friendly to non-technical users.

Buy enterprise solutions

Enterprise no-code solutions empower your non-technical users at the cost of locking you in their proprietary no-code tech.

Excel-like productivity with Python

A low-code Jupyter Lab extension that lets you focus on answering questions with data

Search data transformations like you do in google

Search hundreds of transformations easily, from loading data from an FTP server to custom data visualizations & text cleaning

Execute data transformations easily

Leverage user-friendly interfaces to boost your productivity

Access the underlying code without constraints

All the transformations are powered by the most popular python libraries like Pandas, Plotly, PySpark, etc.


And everything, right from your JupyterLab environment

Don't take our word for it

Eigendata is amazing, I am able to focus on solving problems instead of wasting time copy pasting code

Browse use-cases

Save development time and focus on what matters with our use-case templates

🛠 Reporting for no-code operations

Generating reports across no-code tools like Airable bases, Zaps, and Typeforms is not always easy.
With Eigendata, you can leverage components to quickly build visibility of your no-code operations.

⤴️ Build robust data ingestion pipelines

The world still runs on CSVs, but building pipelines that ingest those in a robust matter takes a lot of time. Eigendata gives you off-the-shelf components to ingest, clean, test, CSVs and alert you when something goes wrong.

🧮Ad-hoc analysis

Most relevant decisions can't be taken by just looking at a dashboard. You need to wrangle, combine, and drill down to develop a deep understanding. With Eigendata, you can do this process much faster without having to google data processing formulas/transformations.

Airtable reporting

As you grow your operations with Airtable, it's hard to keep track of processes across many different bases. With Eigendata, you can easily generate a cleaned single-source of truth.

File ingestion

The world still runs on CSVs and Excel files, but working with them is still a pain for many organizations. With Eigendata, you can process those files in a safe way by cleaning them, testing them, and setting notifications when things go wrong.

Data prep for reports

Generating a dashboard is easy if you have clean data. But that is almost never the case. With Eigendata, you can do all the data-wrangling steps in an easy interface and create saved snapshots for fast data loading, while still using your favorite data visualization tools.

Go beyond Airtable limitations

Extend Airtable functionality with low-code data workflows

🛠 More no-code functionality

Go beyond Airtable formulas with hundreds of powerful no-code data transformations like pivots, fuzzy matching, etc.

💻Access the underlying code

Once you hit a no-code limitation, you can smoothly transition to writing custom code.

📊 Advanced reporting

Get insights into your operations from your Airtable bases and across other no-code apps.

Pre-aggregate & import data

It's hard to keep track of event-based metrics that generate tens of thousands of rows without reaching Airtable limits. With Eigendata, you can pre-aggregate this data before loading it into Airtable.

Data prep for reports

Clean your data to simplify reporting, and save snapshots to accelerate loading times. All while still keeping your favorite tools for displaying the results.

Enrich with geo data

Get more information from your data: extract city from typed addresses, find out the country of an IP, etc.

Check data quality

Create formulas to check your data quality, and accept automatic fixes (e.g. if a field is X, another can't be Y) or review suggestions manually.

Job-ready analytics training

Get started with data analytics using Python in just 1h

🏃🏃Accelerated learning with low-code

Avoid wasting hours memorizing python & pandas code keywords using our low-code data wrangler. Learn more

💬 📣 Community support & office hours

Bridge the gap between the course and your day-to-day job: ask questions, get advice for your career, and meet like-minded peers.

🧮 Real-world use-cases & data

Learn how to deal with messy data and real-life constraints, like you would do in your job.

Our community of instructors


Kenza loves to tell stories using data. She writes analytical posts on medium on various topics, such as football, economics, edtech, etc. She previously worked at McKinsey and Generation, and is currently a Masters student at Harvard.



Pere loves to solve problems using data. He has worked both analyzing data and building data tools for the shipping and education markets. Now his mission is to democratize these data-skills and enable anyone to become a data-superhero.


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Thank you very much! This is my very first experience with data analytics and I totally enjoyed it!


Thank you for the interactive workshop! You rock!

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This was an interactive session. Enjoyed it.


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