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Free Football Analytics Workshop

By Eigendata

Use data science to analyze player attributes using FIFA datasets.

Learn how to produce your own analyses with Python without needing to learn how to code.One hour, free and interactive.
Sounds ambitious? Sign-up before Jan 25th

To ensure active participation, workshops will be limited to 10 people. We will confirm the date and time of the workshop for those accepted.

Meet the Team

Kenza - Instructor

Kenza loves to tell stories using data. She writes analytical posts on medium on various topics, such as football, economics, edtech, etc. She previously worked at McKinsey and Generation, and is currently a Masters student at Harvard.


Pere - Eigendata founder

Pere loves to solve problems using data. He has worked both analysing data and building data tools for the shipping and education markets. Now his mission is to democratise these data-skills and enable anyone to become a data-superhero.


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