Data analytics for everyone

Democratize data with no-code & low-code

Powerful data wrangling, made simple

Search data transformations like you do in google

Search hundreds of transformations easily, from loading data from an FTP server to custom data visualizations & text cleaning

Transform data easily

Leverage user-friendly interfaces to boost your productivity

Access the underlying code without constraints

All the transformations are powered by the most popular python libraries like Pandas, Plotly, PySpark, etc.


Eigendata enterprise for teams

Get your data assets organized

  • Easy to set-up environments and management of shared compute resources

  • Discovery of notebooks from a central repository

  • Foster trust and avoid confusion using tags

The best way to become data driven

In-house 🛠 ⚒️

Heavy investment in integration of open-source solutions & building enterprise security & collaboration featuresNot friendly for non-technical users

Enterprise vendors 💰💰

Lock-in in proprietary platformsHigh cost and inflexible licensing

Eigendata + open-source 🛥

User-friendly enterprise features built on top of open-source standardsOpen-source powered with no lock-inUpskill your workforce with more than point & click tools

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